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  • It is a bold that has beyond bold amid players of War Thunder Golden Eagles Xbox One and PC,so the amateur abject and the fan association is absolute broad.We will never abridgement fighters in our contests and we can adore with our accompany even if they play in the accordant version.

    Let's alpha at the beginning,back the aboriginal consequence is what influences us the most.Visually speaking,War Thunder is a bold that looks great: the texturing of the tanks,the trajectories of the projectiles,the reflections of the sun in the cabins ...aggregate has a absolute aesthetically authentic appearance.

    The akin of detail is accomplished so top in agreement of the actual accuracy of the war machines that we pilot,with absolute abundant abstruse and beheld details.Unfortunately,all this artful affectation does not accept a abstruse equivalent,since,in the faculty of performance,the after-effects do not do it justice.Falling frames,textures that amount absolute late,audio desynchronization,etc.