Certain scenes from the Rainbow Six Siege Items

  • The patch notes for Operation Grim Sky include enhanced performance on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X through lively resolution scaling. What this means is, certain scenes from the Rainbow Six Siege Items game will be to maintain a consistent frame rate. Rainbow Six Siege's frame rate on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X is 60fps and lively resolution scaling ensures this stays the same.

    "We are introducing lively resolution on consoles. As a result, you will experience more consistent performance during gameplay, particularly in situations where there are a whole lot of stress on the GPU, for example with a great deal of explosions like Fuze fees," reads the game's patch notes on the official Rainbow Six Siege site.

    Updates to the game include balance fixes for the game's many Operators as well as weapons that are new. Operation Grim Sky is still another addition to a match that has grown out of, according to cheapest R6 Credits Ubisoft, 25 million registered users in December 2017, as of June 2018 to 35 million. With no plans of a sequel, a 10 year vision for the game and finally 100 operators (now 42 if you include Clash and Maverick), it is shaping up to be a decent alternative for people who are searching for a strategic shooter to play.

    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky is playable on PC via the evaluation servers of the game. No release date has been revealed by Ubisoft but if it follows content updates that were past, expect in the first week of September.