A magical experience

  • That morning, some unbelievable thins happened. When the courier knocked my door and sent my online ordering dresses, I was a bit surprised, because this is obviously much earlier than I expected and I was not ready to have a try. Anyway I decided not to try the new dress temporarily. Because  I had to dress myself properly and quickly and went to the Yellowstone park with Luke. We had made arrangements already, and Luke would pick me very soon.
    Another exciting thing is that Luke, my prom escort and my classmate as well, told me that he also got his formal dresses that day. As the school football team quarterback, Luke usually wore casual clothing and  never wore a formal clothes. In fact, I was also looking forward to see his putting on the formal clothes and marked his tie.
    It looked like a coincidence, we never thought to receive their own prom dresses on the same day. Feeling really very good start from the morning, and it should be a sunny day.
    Yellowstone in March was still cool and chilly. The grass was just begin to grow. There were some young men like us in that  small lakeside picnic area. Everything seemed so serene and calm.
    Luke was well prepared and it was clear that he attached great attention to that day. He told me that he needed to go around and showed my with something mysterious. I agreed.
    Soon, I heard  strange sound of conversation from the edge of the woods , one voice like Luke, and another obvious mixed with childish naïve. I was very curious to see what happened and went forward. Poked the bushes, I could not believe my eyes. There was a green elf on Luke’s hand and they were talking friendly. Elf was not panic when saw me.  Luke told me that elf promised to release one of my wishes. Incredible!
    At that time, my mind confused. The little green guy told me that he knows what I thought and decided to help me achieve my desire. He asked me to look out of the woods.
    We went out of the woods, and I could not believe my eyes. There was a grand wedding party being held. A group of girls dressed in beautiful bridesmaid dresses came around me, and suddenly I found myself wearing a beautiful wedding dresses, and Luke also put on her formal clothes. Pink lovely flower girl dresses came and pull my dress for me.  A strange aged woman with a perruques cheveux naturels  said she was my mother while I never known her. A great variety of guests wearing different wedding party dresses welcomed me with applause and kinds of blessings.
    I was so excited. I like Luke and hoped to marry him in the future. The green elf saw through everything and prepared a grand scene to me which to my great delight.
    Suddenly, I felt someone shake me hard, and I would wake. I opened my eyes and found Luke standing in the sun, holding several beautiful flowers. So this was a dream.
    Anyway, that wonderful dream and sunny reality made a wonderful day for me. And I come to dance full of hope.  I want to try my new dress, it brought me good luck.