If it comes to MMOs Astellia Online Asper many

  • If it comes to MMOs Astellia Online Asper many keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming breakout hit. Regrettably the genre is now rife with games that seldom, if ever, deviate into something spectacular. A Korean MMO from Barunson E&A, enter Astellia. Can Astellia have what it takes to be a unique title in the ocean of mediocrity?

    Astellia begins players' off with what players expect, class choice and character development. In the jump, I was fairly disappointed to observe that from the 5 courses you can pick from, you could only create male character for the Warrior and the Assassin. While there's been some discussion of sex changes available in the future, gender locked classes have never sat well with me, especially when there are not any ranged choices for male characters to begin the game with. Despite these minor class-based issues, I created two characters, a male Assassin and a feminine Mage so that I could get a good idea of the flow of combat for both melee and ranged toons.

    Astellia uses DirectX 9, and it shows, as a number of the options looked outdated. However, it had been rather simple to create attractive characters without spending too much time fiddling with all the different options. Following the obligatory naming of your personalities you're cast into a vast game world which actually looks pretty good considering the engine. The colours are vibrant, you will find ample amounts of trees and NPCs littering the cities and adjoined grasslands. A good deal of work has been put into making your very first encounter in Astellia a good one.

    Little annoyances creep up which frees my pleasure. 1 example of this, is that the UI. There are 5 different UI pubs, and as you level, Astellia will assign abilities to your bar as you obtain them. While this sounds fantastic, I ran into a problem where I reassigned my skills based on how I use themas soon as I went to the first dungeon, it flashed the whole skill bar. Even though this may sound great for gamers who like a lot of options, the inundation of numerous abilities so early, and also the necessity to utilize them for the trashiest of trash mobs, gets dull even at reduced levels.

    Along with the plethora of skills that players are awarded, Astellia buy Astellia Online Asper tries to differentiate itself from other MMOs via a"pet" collection system. Back in Astella, the participant is considered a Star Caller, with the ability to call upon Astels, which are pets that will aid you in battle. As you progress, new Astels will combine you, which will permit you to construct a team which will make your conflicts infinitely simpler. Every new Astel which you earn also must get a place on your hotbar, along with your consumable items, your mounts, along with an entirely separate pub that controls your Astels so that they don't go rogue and start attacking random things when you go AFK.



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