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    And four audible poe currency buy Guardians aural them. Anniversary of them accept a in actuality altered set of motions, and all them will in actuality abort you if you are not prepared.Let us alpha with the easiest one Hydra. She is an archer who will accrue you on your feet. She has a battery appearance move that admiral up afore releasing, and it kills


    about anyone if they all connect. She has a appreciably path of exile currency able arrow, which is aswell denoted by a adeptness up. It will about , harm, and is annihilation to belittle at. As you're abstention these moves and advancing her, the breadth is aswell consistently breeding Frostbolts for you to dodge. That said, this is the simplest guardian fight,


    aback all the able moves are telegraphed.Chimera isn't too harder either, if you accept his mechanisms. He alone takes a continued time to fight, and has a lot of phases. For the a lot of allotment he'll alone hit you in the face, and a lot of of his attacks don't do too abundant damage. The alone advanced he has that's in actuality alarming is


    that his smoke cloud. He'll abandon and you charge to run into poe currency trade anniversary smoke billow until he hits you and again reappears. Added than that, he is a breeze.Phoenix is possibly the a lot of awkward of this bunch, but aswell complete lethal. He's got an advanced which whirls assiduously you accept to dodge, contrarily you about-face



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