DC Universe Online will be shutting down on the PS3

  • The company will be focusing entirely on the newer generation platforms from here on out and that means leaving behind Sony's PlayStation 3.Over the last six years the developers have been adding a ton of content to the game expanding the story increasing the various powers and abilities and including more premium-based adventures for players whether they're playing as heroes or villains.

    One of the most recent updates to the game has been the addition of Artifacts from Constantine's universe. DCUO Gold In fact the Artifacts are acquired by taking on missions from John Constantine where you'll venture around the game world collecting the rare relics and upgrading them over time. They're designed for player-characters level 20 or higher.One of the other ways to keep the game interesting and entertaining has been to see players traveling across the different Earth dimensions meeting the alternate heroes and villains from those realms and taking on all new quests to save the world.

    The game itself centers around allowing players to create their very own character and partake a series of missions where they'll either help the popular DC Universe heroes or the villains. During its launch it was competing with other games like City of Heroes and Champions Online. These days the MMO superhero genre has faded and the fact that DC Universe Online will be shutting down on the PS3 further shows that the superhero bubble isn't quite as prominent in the video game space as it once was.