Body Re-Shapers

  • Corsets or body reshapers have been around  Face Slimming since the Victorian era. Earlier they were used by elite women to cover up "flabby" imperfections in their bodies. A corset would make an imperfect silhouette appear like an hour glass and rev up the overall persona and appeal of the person. The secret was soon out and women started complaining publicly about the discomfort associated with the garment.

    It's true that reshapers have been around for quite some time, but until recently it was not known publicly, that they can help people lose weight. Corsets have made their way from secret wardrobes to medical prescription pads. Today, even some doctors advise patients to use them for weight loss purposes.

    Modern Latex Waist Wrainer day corsets

    Corsets are no longer the torturous devices they used to be. Modern day corsets can not only give you a stunning silhouette, but also help you shed extra pounds. The best part about today's body reshaping products is that, they are fabricated out tough yet comfortable natural fibers. This makes it easier for people to wear the garment and also prevents wear, tear and friction against the body. Less friction again means that you'd be able to use the garment longer everyday.

    Ways to effectively use corsets

    Corsets put gentle pressure on the abdomen and make it impossible for the user to overeat. They can help you reduce 2 to 3 sizes if used effectively. Let's take a look at how to use them properly:

    1. For best results you should wear your corset for around 8 hours a day. There are however some special products available in market that need you to wear them just for 3 to 4 hours a day. Make sure you do not tight-lace the garment. Worn properly the garment should feel like a tight hug around the waist.

    2. Some people do wear body re-shapers while sleeping as well, but it's best to avoid them when you are sleeping. This will help you sleep better.

    3. Most body reshaping products need you to exercise regularly and also follow a fat free diet while on corset training. There are however, some special body reshapers that are engineered specifically for busy people and you don't need to do anything else apart from wearing them regularly.

    What products to choose

    There are a host of sites that sell body reshapers. You'll have to make your choice based on your budget and what goals you want to achieve. The old fashioned products cost less and are usually a bit difficult to get on with. The newer varieties are a bit costlier, but are designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern woman. If you are too busy to hit the gym and lead a hectic life, the modern body reshapers could help you lose some weight. If you are however, looking for more economical products and also don't need to lose too much weight, you could settle for the good old ones.

    We are busy people and can't always afford to live and eat healthy. Bodymagic is a body reshaper comes from Ardyss International which has been in business for more than 20 years. Bodymagic acts differently from conventional corsets tt rectifies posture imperfections, lifts breasts and buttocks and facilitates proper functioning of vital body organs. You just need to wear it 3 hours a day to lose three sizes within just a week.