Apparently Women Want Men's Thongs

  • It had been reported last year  Face Slimming  that the 'bottom had fallen out' of the market for women's thongs. However, this does not seem to be the case for men's thongs, which are abundant at many of the top online retailers of designer men's underwear.

    The rise in popularity in men's strings is of particular interest in light of the general report that the sale of men's underwear rebounds with economic recovery. Sale of male underwear is regarded as a reasonable indication of economic recovery because it is something men usually cut back on when they need to tighten the purse strings and thus increase sales suggests a general feeling of being 'flush'.

    However, Latex Waist Wrainer it is not just men that are spending more on male underwear, particularly men's thongs, but also women and who astonishingly are also buying men's thongs. A UK on line retailer has recently discovered that an amazing 33% of their female customers buy thongs for men. This is in comparison to 48% who bought fitted boxer briefs, also known as a trunk and only 12% bought briefs, tangas or jockstraps.

    What also transpired was that women also buy a lot of designer underwear for men made from semi transparent or sheer fabrics, such as those available from brands like Manstore or Clever.

    Whilst most women may scream at the thought of a man in a thong, it may be that women buy mens thongs because they are increasingly sought after by men as a whole, as many men find them incredibly comfortable and supportive. The reason for this is because thongs are to men like what bras are to women, they support you right where it is important.

    So, whilst it seems that men tend to buy underwear on a 'needs' based requirement and thus why sales of men's underwear is regarded as a good economic indicator, they are also very particular about the practical features their pants provide. Hence, as men increasingly appreciate the practical qualities of mens thongs, they are starting to buy more and more of them, which seem to be recognised by women, who are able to empathise with the importance of having supportive underwear for their own assets.