Bottles with more than one color will usually bring higher pric

  • Here are some additional general hints & tips to remember when purchasing these kids bottles...

        Never buy a bottle that has any chips or cracks no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.
        The condition of the Pyro-Glaze design is extremely important - avoid any bottles that have chipped, faded or scratched Pyro-Glaze as well.
        These bottles were to be used and then returned to the dairy where they were cleaned and reused. After extended use and cleaning some developed numerous small scratches to the glass. You should avoid bottles that exhibit severe scratching.
        Do not let the fact that a kids thermos flask is from a state that is known as a diary state dissuade you from buying it. Many of the bottles from these states are rare and command high prices.
        Bottles with more than one color will usually bring higher prices.
        Bottles with attractive graphics on their reverse side will often bring higher prices, things such as babies; war related themes, patriotic themes, and herds of cows are just a few things to be on the lookout for.

    A word of caution, In the last several years reproductions of some milk bottles have begun to appear more and more. Fortunately, the vast majority of reproductions are of other types of milk bottles, but there are reproductions of 1 quart Pyro-Glaze milk bottle as well.

    You can find some good information regarding how to identify reproductions along with some pictures of known reproductions from various online sources. If you are interested in learning more about these kids stainless steel water bottles there are two books currently available that provide some excellent information about how they were made and used along with some basic pricing information.

    The book are titled "Udderly Beautiful" and "Udderly Splendid" by John Tutton. Both give some rarity and pricing information, but because of the large number of bottles produced they don't cover even a small fraction of the bottles produced. Both can be found for sale on either eBay, Amazon, or in some antique shops.

    Other sources of information are The National Association Of Milk Bottle Collectors and the individual web sites many of their members maintain. If you are going to buy and sell these plastic bottles even semi-seriously the price of annual dues for the Association is well worth the money.

    My sincere hope is that this article was helpful in moving you forward towards your goal of creating income streams that can can continue on "auto-pilot" for years & years; creating success that grows & grows!