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  • She gets ideas from everything around her: "I find inspiration Cool Boy Sets when I'm out on a walk, from the weather, the colours. It might come from a pattern carved into the moulding of an elaborate cornice in a grand stately home or the lines of a humble wrought iron garden gate. Good design is there to be appreciated if you keep your eyes open.".

    Yes, she says, Muslims in Australia suffer discrimination, but they're not alone ("It's nothing compared to what Indigenous people have had to put up with for over 200 years"). Yes, she demonstrated against the Iraq War, but she doesn't believe the cauldron of woes in the Middle East, including the incitement to jihad, can be simplistically blamed on Western foreign policy ("We still don't understand why some radicalised young people buy that narrative and others don't"). No, she doesn't wear the hijab, but fiercely defends the right of women to wear it if they choose ("There's a big difference between the modern hijab, which women wear with makeup, and the face covering niqab and burka, which are political tools of oppression in some countries")..

    Balenciaga was a superb cutter, superb with coloring. He also retired at the height of his career, which seems to me to be a good idea.. England have got a lot of tours coming up in the subcontinent, in both forms of the game. So that's going to be their biggest challenge. Finding that second spinner, whether it's going to be Monty [Panesar] or Samit Patel or someone like that; reverse swing bowlers.

    Naturally, this news has reignited sympathetic cries about the recession's impact on today 'yoof'. Parents are bravely turning their brand new study back into their grown child boudouir again, whilst telling the neighbours: not their fault; it those damn house prices again. My own poor mother (who already has my 21 year old brother living with her) will doubtless be repeating that exact phrase as I return back to the Sanghani family home on Sunday..

    "This recipe can be found in the Taste of Home magazine, another of my favorite go to places for recipes. This healthy snack is not only easy, but can also be made ahead and refrigerated for a quick snack. It's a sure family pleaser for all kids big and small.".

    Teletransportation, or whatever it's called. In lieu of my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts to learn to apparate, I wish I could close my eyes and POOF be on a beach in Malaysia or in the peaks of Nepal. More than that, I'd love to SNAP be at my friend's house, crashing her 20 something birthday party or SHAZAM land in my parents' living room just in time for a movie and a home cooked meal..

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