• Talking to Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács after his team's victory over North, the Slovakian sniper revealed that FaZe was stressed on Mirage, which caused problems, but were overall self-confident in their map swimming pool against the Danes.

    The comeback on the To side of Mirage and a confidently closed out Inferno was how the second semi-final of ELEAGUE performed out, with FaZe booking a date with Astralis in the playoffs.

    After a series prolonged by technical issues, we chatted having a jolly Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács, who said that FaZewere overzealous within the first map, but figured out stuff on Inferno where they won 16-10.

    On Mirage against To the north, starting with your CT side, it looked a bit shaky, but you ended up winning in the end. How do you feel about exactly how Mirage went, particularly the CT side?

    I don't actually feel good about how all of us started because we were all, I would state, restless. We all wanted to do something and I think the whole CT side was chaotic and the To side was Buy CSGO Skins disorderly as well, but I think we showed the stronger game within the T side. The very first map was really disorderly, we were creating some type of chaos for ourselves.

    There was fast info, a lot of information, useless info, overrotations and stuff like that. It was a bad game, Mirage was a very bad video game for us, but it occurs. We were waiting all day and maybe we obtained tired before all of us started the game, a lot of waiting, breaks... I mean, that happens.

    As you said, all the gamers wanted to create some thing, is that still an issue for you as a team? Possessing a lot of playmakers on the side, balancing that out, especially on the CT side?

    It's not always like that, this particular Mirage map was that kind of stuff, that everyone wanted to do something and we didn't listen to karrigan a lot of times therefore i think we created it ourselves simply because we all know how To the north is playing Mirage. I mean, they play a very good Mirage To side so they know how to create the chaos on the map which played a big part as well. I think this just started as well as everyone wanted to be the superstar to win the map and that we just created the issues ourselves. But yeah, North played very well and we had a few key moments that decided that we won Mirage.

    In general, it sounds like you were pretty confident going into this matchup. How was the feeling, playing towards North, considering all of the results you had?

    There are many factors, in phrase of skill as well as talent we are very confident against any kind of team in the world, when it comes to map picks I think it was very hard to pick which map they should play against all of us. Because I think Mirage, Overpass, and Inferno are our best roadmaps and they had to choose Mirage or Teach, but they chose Mirage.

    It was a very difficult matchup for them, if we lose Mirage we still possess Inferno and Teach, and they don't truly know how we play Train because all of us played only one video game against NiP. I think it would be a risky move for them to play the third map simply because they don't know anything regarding us and we realized a lot because all of us checked how they performed Train. I think within term of the map pool we were the actual winners.

    Tell me about Inferno after that. From the outside, it seemed like you were in control for the most of the map, even though they got 10 rounds it did not look that frightening. How was this on the inside of the group, was it the same thing?

    Inferno is the map that we are the most confident on and many comfortable, especially on T side, simply because we are confident in order to peek and play on contact as well as open the sites. Any of the players can do this. I mean, it was 5-1 when they won the important thing round, they won an eco having a saved AWP, whenever we did a long hurry to A. We simply failed, everyone went one by one, we obtained caught off... I think we were in control of the actual T side, I am talking about, we had a lot of tactics that we could use but we didn't utilize. The whole T side was more regarding duels.

    Talking about you personally, on Inferno you had that one great round with AWP and you were actively playing pretty good in general. So how exactly does it feel for you, since you had a good up and down period, the whole 2016 more or less with Na`Vi and now doing pretty good again?

    For me personally it feels a lot more like I don't have any stress on my shoulder blades, I can do what ever I want and I realize that my teammates will certainly, even if I pass away without killing anybody, cover that error, or issue, or bad luck, or some thing. I always know that the teammates are behind me and I may freely feel the video game and say "I want to go there". Like I did within the CT side towards North now, I just said, "guys, I will go banana through the molly and I will certainly kill the guy". And I killed him. So I feel more open and because I am more open as well as nobody is pressuring me from all of the sides I can do whatever I want. It can more fun for me to play CS again.

    Generally, k0nfig has been actively playing very, very well, but in this series, all of us didn't see that a lot from him. What is your take on that, is there anything unique you did in order to shut him straight down?

    We don't do this kind of thing that we are shutting Csgo skins for sale straight down some star fragger or something. I am talking about, I think Mirage was that close simply because k0nfig was getting a lot of opening kills, a lot of important kills and I think that on Mirage, he was showing that he is among the best players on the planet and that he has the actual skill, he is very smart I would state. At least myself, I consider him a smart player, and he is actually good at entry eliminating.

    I think that is why they won nine units on T side against us, simply because k0nfig was doing his job. On Inferno, I think that we were just as well strong on our To side in general, so it is not like he can do anything, like hurry somewhere and eliminate everyone. I think when the team is getting crushed or beaten that hard on CT side, nobody can do anything. You can have leave frags but that does not change the fact that you might be losing. I think he played very good generally.