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  • Said in his shellshcked NBA 2K18 MT pstgame press cnference that the Raptrs wuld have wn if theyd had LeBrn Well yes They wuld have Hes a cheat cde Hes an aberratin He is still the alpha and mega f this league He can be beaten he is in the Finals after all but yu actually have t beat him LeBrn isnt ding the jb fr yu And Links GalreBe sure t check ut Paul Flannerys


    Sunday Shtarund n the inevitability f LeBrns dminanceYu knw wh had a game n Sunday The danged Hustn Rckets! James Harden was electric and Hustn was its best self as the Rckets blew ut the Spurs and tied up their series When this team is shting like this and getting stps they are very hard t beatYu knw wh else had a game n Sunday The Washingtn


    Wizards! Jhn Wall started fr frm the flr shrugged it ff but kept shting and finished with pints 2 assists and five steals Thse steals were critical during a run the Wizards had in the third quarter t put the game away Yes a run And they had a2 run earlier in the series!S heres the state f ur series The Celtics and Wizards are kntted up2 The Cavaliers gt the Raptrs


    up utta here The Warrirs can launch the Jazz int the summer Cheap NBA 2K18 MT n Mnday The Spurs and Rckets are kntted up2That WarrirsJazz game is at pm ET n TNTWhat d the Raptrs d nw They just inked DeMar DeRzan t a huge cntract Kyle Lwry and Serge Ibaka are free agents They cant exactly blw it up but they cant tuch the CavaliersHeres what Zach Lwe says


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