this is our result when testing gpu and cpu

  • In general, looking at our test results, these two processors will be more suitable when paired with middle and high class graphics cards, for the GeForce GTX 10 Series line, up to GTX 1070. Of course, there is no harm if you want to use graphics card on top of the GTX 1070, because in heavier games to the graphics card, performance improvements can still be felt. However, there are times when the higher performance of high-end graphics cards can not be felt because of the limitation of the processor in various other games.

    One thing that may have to be observed, most games we choose are DirectX 11 based games, while currently DirectX 12 API is available, but not yet widely used. Searching for DirectX 12-based game benchmarks is still quite difficult, as many are not yet equipped with internal benchmarks, while tools such as FRAPS are not compatible with DirectX 12. The result of one game alone, Civilization VI, we think can illustrate how graphics card scalability in the processor the middle class for DirectX 12-based games later, especially when viewing 3DMark Time Spy results that appear to illustrate quite different things from the results of Civilization VI testing. Hopefully in the future, we can present more data for DirectX 12 games in a format similar to this one.

    in here thegamingpcguide visit complete list of cheap gaming graphics card for you Then, for we Review itself, what can be taken from this scalability test? Currently, we are considering a new system for testbed graphics card, and we are at a point where we have to determine what processor we should use. Reflecting on the test results this time, we certainly can not use the middle class processor as our testbed processor, because seen in some game middle-class processor is out of breath. Next, we will try to test for similar scalability by using processors of a higher grade than Core i5-8400 and Ryzen 5 1600, to continue our "learning activities" as described above.