this is why you need to try interval training

  • Already a strict diet but weight has not gone down too? Setting the diet is the most important part if we want to lose weight. But limiting the portion of the meal alone is not enough. You also have to exercise if you want maximum results.

    Well, this one sport is proven in addition to make you stay young, also good to strengthen the muscle without the need to spend long hours. Although done in a short time, but the results are equivalent to exercise in general. That sport is a training interval.

    Interval training is a high intensity exercise in a short and repetitive time. For example, run as fast as you can in one minute and walk for two minutes. Repeat for five times in a row so your total run of 15 minutes. You can do this training interval with other training methods, including running, swimming, cycling, and aerobics.

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    Interval training has a major impact on the body, especially the joints to the function of other organs such as the heart. This exercise is safe for experienced people (such as athletes) and beginners. Both also benefit from interval training.

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    What do you do with interval training?

            Burn calories and fat. A study reported that doing a 15-minute training interval burned more calories than doing a treadmill for an hour. If you regularly and consistently practice in high intensity, will increase the body's capacity to practice harder, so the more calories you will burn. Even if you increase the intensity of your workout just a few minutes. Your calories and fat will still burn after 24 hours of your doing this exercise.

            Increases aerobic and immune capacity. As your fitness improves. You will be able to exercise longer or with a higher intensity.

            Increase metabolism. The American College of Sports and Medicine says that interval training helps you get more oxygen. Excess amount of oxygen obtained helps increase your metabolic rate from about 90 minutes to 144 minutes after the interval training session. Thus increased metabolism helps burn more calories at a faster rate.