the expected reduced price from gtx 980 ti

  • AMD has just released the latest generation graphics card, AMD Radeon R9 Fury. The latest graphics card, High Memory Bandwidth (HBM), is also present as a heavy competitor of NVIDIA's top graphics card, GeForce GTX 980Ti. Competition between the two camps continues to this day, and recently some NVIDIA partners are rumored to have cut the price of GeForce 980Ti graphics card.

    According to TweakTown report, some NVIDIA partners have cut the price of GeForce 980Ti which originally priced at USD649 to USD629. Although relatively small, the price drop may be NVIDIA's move to compete with AMD.

    Pruning prices is a step often used AMD and NVIDIA to compete in the graphics card market. The move is also often used both to stabilize market prices. Previously, NVIDIA has also lowered the price of GeForce 980 for USD100 when GeForce 980Ti graphics card released.

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