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  • A row broke out after the company used a logo meant to look like flames on a line of basketball shoes to be sold this summer, with the names "Air Bakin'", "Air Melt", "Air Grill" and "Air BQue". Some Muslims claimed that the logo resembled the word "Allah" written in Arabic script.

    Finding reliable suppliers who will sell to you at low cost is no easy task. In fact, it's not unusual for small businesses to find they can buy certain products cheaper from WalMart than they can from a wholesaler. Nor is it unusual for a wholesaler or distributor to refuse to sell to a very small business. That's because it will take their sales staff the same time to process your $150 order as it would to process a $5,000 order.

    If your child shoes have natural leather soles, you can ask a cobbler to fit a rubber sole on top to prolong the life of the shoe.

    Comment: If you haven't heard about the drama between Icahn and LGF management, then you just haven't been paying attention, as the two sides have had no qualms about taking their grievances public. This drama may soon come to a close though, as Icahn's sixth extension may be the last he can put together before the annual shareholders meeting, after which some think Icahn will give up his quest to take over the downtrodden media company. Such thoughts were buoyed by his removal of the minimum share participation requirement, which had required 50.1% of voting shares to participate in his tender for it to be legitimized. Now, he may not believe that he can gain so many shares in one sitting.

    "After I begun wearing them, I was picked to be a relay runner," says fouryearold Kohei, showing off his pair of redlined silver Syunsokus, which mean "Nimble Feet" in English.

    Curry is the Golden State Warriors point Golden Goose V Star guard and MVP hopeful. He stars in an UnderArmour commercial that will debut Sunday during the 2015 NBA AllStar Game. He also happens to be a starting player for the Western Conference Team.

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