The final unknown on the customisation front is whether your ae

  • We all recently speculated on what could possibly be on the horizon for The Journey inside FIFA 18 and over and above, and whilst we used in some “out there” concepts, it turns out we weren’t several miles away with some of which, as we saw at a latest FIFA 18 playtest, which you may read about here, when we have to see some of what is waiting for Alex Hunter in The Voyage: Hunter Returns. Now, EXPERT ADVISOR were pretty cagey concerning sharing details outside of the certain titbits they’d brought together to share, presumably a combination of steering clear of spoilers and it still getting pretty early in the click cycle, but here’s everything we know.

    One aspect we touched on that has been missing was customisation along with that’s been addressed regarding FIFA 18, including the capacity to change Hunter’s hairstyle (including some more “out there” kinds like Pogba’s Leopard amount or Hunters name shaved into his head inside a gaudy style), change his or her wardrobe, including shoes/boots, and also stick tattoos fut 18 coins on the dog.

    Sadly, whilst it’s very good that customisation has been included, we don’t know far more than that, as in regardless of whether it’s something you set way up at the start and are stuck with, or perhaps if it’s something that it is possible to change as you go along, probably as part of some sort of status improve. The final unknown on the customisation front is whether your aesthetic changes by way of tattoos in addition to hairstyles will stay with Rogue he moves into FUT when you complete The Vacation, if indeed that continue to happens.