They might launch expansion-sized updates like Elf City

  • Even though many of you have liked -- even loved - Menaphos, it's fair to say that it can be had its problems. Whether or not you felt it was total, Jagex. com, the programmer and publisher of Runescape underestimated how much of their concentrate it would take up, and they already have neglected other updates consequently.

    Expansions take up a huge amount of dev time, leading to the sparse release schedule and fewer player happiness. It's crystal clear that regular updates is actually something that makes RuneScape. The game feels less in existence without them.

    For this reason, Jagex tend to be suspending development on almost all future expansions. They might launch expansion-sized updates like Elf City in the future, but they will not be committing to a sequence of these, and there will be no extra expansion this year.

    I know that may sound dramatic, but listen to them out and find out the reason why they think this will benefit RuneScape with Runescape Gold. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn't like Ninja up-dates. That particular fix you've already been waiting for can often have a higher impact than a conventional up-date. But colossal projects such as the Bank Rework have been obstructing the team from strengthening several weeks with these essential quality-of-life enhancements.