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  • NBA in threes made and attempted? Plenty of teams need shooting and NBA Live Mobile Coins could use a player like Wright.11. Leandro Barbosa (62)The Warriors' sparkplug might have earned himself a contract too rich for Golden State to justify given the team's depth. That could change if the team finds a new home for David Lee soon.


    Otherwise, if Barbosa wants to continue his career, he can certainly find a small deal out there.12. Wayne Ellington (63)There had been rumors the Lakers would bring Ellington back on a cheap deal since free agency's start, but it's been quiet since then. He'd be a good fit in


    L.A. assuming the Lakers successfully shed Nick Young -- it'd be nice to have at least one guard there who doesn't need the ball. Ellington could find success elsewhere as a third or fourth guard, though. He's malleable.13. Andre Miller (64)The Kings signed Rajon Rondo and still have Darren Collison and Ray McCallum under contract, so that may be it for The Professor and George


    Karl. He can absolutely still play 15-20 minutes a game in the Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins NBA, though. I'm a little surprised teams like Dallas are looking at Jeremy Lin instead of Miller, to be honest. Lin has more upside but Miller's experience is valuable. He can be a locker room grump, though.14. Darrell Arthur (65)When he got traded for Kosta Koufos, I don't think I was the only one who believed -