FIFA 16: who solely plays CM

  • I'm just not feeling it this year. As someone who solely plays CM I think it's going to be an absolutely infuriating year, again. The AI just seem to be even better at "Barca-ing" it, something I never thought would be possible.
    As I feared the new gameplay changes seem horribly OP in the hands of the AI. They make more/better interceptions (even with players who don't have the stats), seem quicker, and have better passing. Seems like another year of stats meaning absolutely jack shit offline. Don't like the new changes to pace either to get FIFA 16 Coins XBOX 360. It was fine offline last year, but hey, FUT wins again. Skills moves, one of the best ways to get past the frustrating AI, seem to be nerfed to oblivion too. There goes the fun.

    On top of all this, Career Mode seems like more of the same, with additions which I personally will get bored of after one season. I would not be surprised either to find the exact same bugs from 13, 14 and 15 return, because that's just the way the game is.

    Ah well, will be the first year since 2000 I don't get FIFA. It was fun while it lasted, but my patience has finally run out. My frustrations started with FIFA 12, and FIFA 16 is the nail in the coffin. PES isn't an alternative either, so I guess it's a year of no football game for me.

    I had PES 15 for a bit, and didn't enjoy it, ended up trading it in. Played the PES 16 demo, and didn't enjoy it. I just don't like PES' gameplay. I think PES is less intuitive than FIFA, and I feel everything is too slow, too laboured, especially with some of the animations. I mean, yeah, the slower, harder gameplay may sound great to earn FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE, but I prefer the pacing of FIFA and it's "pick up and play" nature, despite the game not being as realistic. On top of gameplay, I prefer FIFA's aesthetics and commentary.

    I would get FIFA this year, but it's the AI that stops me, because it's the same bullshit as before. Stats mean nothing, play styles mean nothing. Accrington play like Barca, it's just not fun. I didn't play PES long enough to notice if AI teams played differently, and if stats mattered, but even if they did, it's one plus against many negatives.