FIFA 16: what changes do you want most

  • Just remove the current system, take the preverred positions from the in- game info and base the chemistry system on that (as position chem). Make their comfortable positions full chem, related positions low chem and out of position placements 0 chem.


    The problem is that Fifa doesn't change things to things that'd be nice to have, hence the Silva, Eriksen, Cazorla LM's.
    I'm 99% sure Alexis will be at LW, as it's not only the position where he's played the most this season, but also his preferred position as he can cut in on his right foot then. And he's not been convincing for Arsenal as a single striker.


    I'd like it to go in a different direction and see players have multiple (probably two) positions they can play without a chem reduction.
    For example, Alexis can play on the left, right or middle. My main man Andre Ayew can play on the left or at CAM. I don't like players being pigeon-holed into positions that they don't always play IRL.


    Positions and chem needs an overhaul. Players should be multipositional but drop in chem once they play in a position they aren't familiar with. Links should go too, and instead get a chem boost by players in your team from the same club or nation regardless of being directly linked. Lastly need more managers, the better/rarer managers should have better chem boost.


    Muller in a central position is an absolute MUST. He has an amazing shot but he's so wasted at RM, especially as he doesn't real play there in real life.
    Aubameyang to Striker (as much as I hate the thought, he's gonna be there). Koke, Draxler, D Silva, Cazorla at CAM. Fekir at ST. Di Maria back on the wing.



    I dunno, I think EA need a more dynamic system, i.e, all of Griezmann's IFs/TOTS are at ST, but he does still play at LW sometimes, why can't he be both? Like a 'preferred position' card. Or even release an ST Griezmann and a LW Griezmann, the LW version will cost less Fifa 16 coins, but he's an amazing winger, and the ST version will cost a lot more, but will be, y'know an ST card. Same as Messi, CF would be more, but RW would be less. I dunno, just an idea!


    EA should get rid of the individual position changes such as (CDM > CM) and add a universal position change card. Each player has preferred positions and at the top left where the players position is there could be a wheel and using the position change cards you would spin the wheel through the player's playable positions. For example Alexis Sanchez, his playable positions could be LW, RW, or CAM. If his card was a LW and you added a position change it would go to a RW, if you added a position change again it would go to CAM and again it would go back to LW. It would just cycle through his Fifa 16 account, this would make positioning easier for EA and also allow for more player versatility.