The Best Responses to The Path of Exile 3.1.0 Patch Notes

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    Do you feel this approach was worse than holding back information to bolster the patch notes with crazy reveals?

    I genuinely think the "underwhelming" feeling was more because we were happy to see the too powerful aspects of the game brought down, but then we're also left anticipating the weaker skills and ascendancies also buffed for more viable options.
    The fact of the matter is we understand there is only time to do so much, but it often feels like we spend league after league waiting for things we asked 6 leagues ago :/
    We get it, it just feels funny reading patch notes and then immediately crossing your fingers for 3.2 patch notes.

    I hope you don't mind if I address this here, but regarding "feeling bad about Chris having to make this kind of post", Chris really needs to get someone else to write his announcements for him. He's just not good at it. These things always happen because he misrepresents things (accidentally or otherwise).

    How that pertains to these patch notes is this:

    We have a decent list of buffs to go with it there are plenty of buffs in 3.1.0 as well, but we'll leave those as pleasant surprises.These both heavily imply that there are significant buffs to something. But he acknowledges in his "response" that he was already aware that there were time management issues that were going to stop a large amount of buffs from going out with the update. And not only that, but that one of the biggest things people have been waiting for, Ascendancy changes, aren't expected to be released for another 3 months.

    This is a game with a ton of very dedicated fans. They pay very close attention to exactly how things are worded. Hell, the game itself encourages this. And when he tells everyone that the buff list is going to be a pleasant surprise, then tells us that what sounds like the majority of the buffs aren't even ready to release yet, it's frustrating, and people have a right to be frustrated about it.

    Love Chris to death, love this game, and love the company, but he really needs to get someone else with experience in the area to critique his announcements. It's the whole "millions of dps without sacrificing defenses" fiasco all over again.

    What's your idea of the 3.1.0 patch description? Tell me now,