PoE: The Challenge of The Abyss And The Best View of Reward

  • The Abyss Challenge League launches alongside the War for the Atlas expansion that includes many new uniques, gems, enemies and more! As you break ground in the new league there are 40 challenges to conquer for exclusive rewards. Completing 12, 24 and 36 challenges can earn you the Abyss Helmet, Abyss Wings and Abyss Portal Effect Respectively. The following is a forum on the abyss challenges and rewards point of view:

    1) If they bring back "all packs have a rare monster" as zana's nemesis mod I might actually chain it for those HH drop chances, but not for a exalted orb.

    2) Well, I think a lot more than that are hard (and I don't understand why giving my opinion on the difficulty of the challenges is was getting me downvoted lol).

    I don't really like buying challenges, I like doing them on my own, cause they're a reason to keep playing and just basically skipping them doesn't feel good.

    Plus, I don't really care about the portal (as good as it looks), cause my breach one is all I ever want to use, so I'm already happy knowing I can get the wings with relative ease!

    3) Really like the portal. And it seems that you can get the wings pretty easily. I counted about 20 that could be done just by playing the game without any real effort. Some I presume will be easy like opening an Abyssal Trove and getting the jewels.

    4) I counted 14 challenges that I, a bad player, refuse to/can't feasibly do (stuff that's too difficult or too RNG-focused), so that's 26 challenges that I intend to go for, which means there's 2 I can give up on and still get the wings. Not bad.

    5) Honestly I only count about 4 or 5 that present any kind of real challenge for pretty much any level of player, assuming the abyss-league-specific challenges are relatively easy (they should be if past leagues are any indication).

    You can buy most of these challenges for pretty cheap, or you can just hang out in global channel 820 all league and wait for freebies. The easiest one on the list might actually be to kill uber atziri, the shaper, and vaal temple since those kills will be sold by a ton of people. You can get the portal effect, I believe in you!

    6) As underwhelmed as I was when they announced the Harbinger challenge rewards, as excited am I for these ones. Every single one looks awesome and I'm very much looking forward to equipping them.

    7) Been wishing for updated character models for a couple of years now.
    You could do a very long video as to how bad they look and move. Even the fact they wear some of the MTX's so badly screams "please update".
    The fact the Templar is just a meme and is "meant to look bad for the LUL's" is a sorry state of the character.

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