FIFA 16: Best lone Bundesliga CDM

  • He is the most complete TRUE CDM with the work rates, height, pace, and defense. I run him in my main squad. Alonso was too slow, Lahm was too short, and Schweiny is the other CDM I use.
    Just don't ever shoot with him. Ray Charles has better accuracy.


    Schweinsteiger? Yeah, I use him as a CM in a 433(2). I've used him in 2 CDM formations as well and that's fine. His H/H workrates are too offensive for a lone CDM and he's a little too slow considering a lone CDM needs to chase and dispossess.


    You benched my suggestion already. But seriously, start Lahm, bring in Gustavo at or after the half. Lahms low-ish physical score isn't really that big of a deal, he's probably one of my better players for stripping the ball from people, but I also have my CAM and CDM doing both jobs usually.



    sif hummels is the best cdm i've ever used in fifa in my opinion. if you're open to partial chem, which you won't even notice. full chem, gotta be lahm. even with the physical, lahm just does everything, and has more pace than you'd expect at the position


    I use kpb as the lone cdm in false 9, but I do manually help out a lot with my other cms (kdb and kagawa) I value the attacking abilities a lot and the cdm need to be in there to receive and give some passes.


    I'm sure everyone has seen opponent strikers make good tackles and interceptions, so I don't value the defense stat too much


    For some reason he seems fast for me. Maybe I just rate him higher than he is because of his amazing strength and Fut 16 coins. He's pretty cheap, so I guess you could try him out for a few games.