FIFA 16: open one pack at a time

  • So, traditional draft formats in tcgs like Magic make you provide your own packs, and sit with like 7 other people. Then you open one pack at a time, take a card and pass to your neighbor. Then keep doing that until the pack is gone, rinse and repeat. Then you build your deck with the cards you got and play against the other people at the table, and at the end you keep the cards you picked, plus prize if you win. Upside is you can keep any expensive cards you open, downside is decks are usually mediocre and play can get bland.


    Hearthstone "improved" on this by making solo drafts. Basically you pay some gold and then it present you with 3 cards of the same quality and you choose 1, and repeat 30 times. Then you play games with those 30 cards, at your convenience, until you either win 12 games or lose 3. Then at the end you lose the cards you picked, but get 1 normal pack, plus prize based on how many games you won.


    The advantage is that you get to play with tons of fun cards you otherwise wouldn't be able to, and you don't have to devote 4 hours to sitting and playing thw whole draft, you can come and go as you please. FIFA already has that system in place with their online tournaments, so adding the draft component would be easy.



    So, something like this maybe: Cost: 1500 Fifa coins
    Draft: 18 players, always at least one 90+
    Chemistry: Off except positional


    Prize: 1st: 6000+untradable pack
    2nd: 4000+untradable pack
    3rd/4th: 2000
    5th-8th: Consumable pack


    If they format it like Hearthstone arena, it would work best, imo. Draft on your own, with ghost packs, and play against players in the same round of the tournament at your convenience. That would also allow them to seed packs with higher distributions of star players since you don't get to keep them.
    I'd pay 1k to play a couple games with legends and try to win a 15k pack and some cheap Fifa 16 coins. Absolutely!


    This would be awesome. I find I stall out in seasons or FUT because after bouncing around the same divisions for a bit it can get disheartening. But if it was like hearthstone arena you'll always have a shot at taking it down.