Manchester United Rating in FIFA 16

  • I was inspired by /u/marquus 's series and I decided to do one for my favorite team, Manchester United.


    Ashley Young 78 -> 80. Young has been reborn under LVG and is a completely new player, and I doubt many would be against this upgrade. I have increased his Fifa 16 coins. He's also gotten a fair few assists this season whipping in balls with his right foot, so I've given him a passing upgrade. A dribbling upgrade is also due, given the fact that he's been taking on defenders and running at them. Also, a defending upgrade is just, I feel, given the decent job he did at LWB earlier in the season.


    Wayne Rooney 86 -> 86. No rating change for Rooney. He's had a decent season, but not outstanding. I gave him a passing and defending boost given his decent run in midfield and I have taken off a yard of pace, and a bit of dribbling.


    Juan Mata 85 -> 86. Another player playing very good football atm. For Mata, I gave a shooting boost given his scoring record for us, which is fantastic, and a defending upgrade for all the tracking back he does.


    Marouane Fellaini 79 -> 81. Much improved this season. I have given him upgrades I felt were just all around.


    Ander Herrera 79 -> 82. This guy!! Fantastic player. He hustles, tackles and passes wonderfully in the middle of the park. He's got decent pace on him, so I gave him a little upgrade. As well as his passing. His defending was criminal on his FIFA15 card as he is a fantastic tackler, I have given him an upgrade there. His shooting has seen a big jump as well as he has a very good scoring record this season.



    Michael Carrick 79 -> 82. The smooth operator. His passing was criminal this year, so I have given him a just upgrade; as well to his defending. I downgraded his shooting as he really doesn't try to score much.


    Daley Blind 79 -> 79. A change in position, and a small passing, defending and pace upgrade to fit the new position.


    Chris Smalling 76->80. Smalling's had a fantastic season since his sending off against city. He's our best defender by far at the moment. He's also a pure athlete. He get's upgrades all round. Defending, Pace and Physicality being the main ones.


    Phil Jones 79 -> 80. He's been decent this season, if overshadowed a little bit by Smalling. He had a very good spell at the start of the season before getting injured. Very minor upgrades for Jones.


    Antonio Valencia 80->79. The rating change is mostly due to the position change. Valencia's been very solid this season. He gets a big defending and physical upgrade (he's a tank) and loses some dribbling, shooting and passing (his crosses are shite a lot of the time).


    David De Gea 85 -> 87. Needs no explanation. Handling's been given a nice upgrade, above 90% of aerial balls caught this season.


    James Wilson 63 -> 66. Went with his rating from H2H. This is the rating he should've been tbh.


    RVP 88 -> 86. No explanation needed. Lost some pace, some shooting, dribbling. Downgrade should arguably be more, but a bit unrealistic to take it way down at once. EA usually do it bit by bit.


    Angel Di Maria 86 -> 85. Struggled this season. Hasn't played horribly however and still does something when he's on.


    Marcos Rojo 79->80. He's been pretty good for us. Arguable Minor Upgrade as statistically we have one of the best defenses in the league.


    Johnny Evans 79 -> 76. He's been pretty crap. Deserved downgrade. Will most likely be sold if we get another good defender in the summer.


    Andreas Pereira 63 -> 66. I've seen him with Fifa 16 coins xbox 360. He's gotten some first team minutes as well. Great little player. (Picture and Name is a mistake).