6 Remarkable Places Where You Can

  • 6 Remarkable Places Where You Can Donate Your Clothing By Movers And Packers Mumbai


    Relocation and Diwali have one thing in common and both give us a chance to clear our house. Anyway, what do you do when you find it? "Do you throw them or donate them?" I think you both, when you get someone which we are not interested in taking the things we wanna give we give them otherwise we throw you know you can not get it Packers And Movers In Mumbai Local  guide.


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    1. Zaroorat, By Green Yatra:

    Green yatra creates a way to convert your old stuff into a gift for someone. Their organization collects clothes and other necessary stuffs from residential societies, shopping mall, cinema, school colleges and corporate houses, after the collection they sort out the things and distribute them to rural and urban slum areas .


    2. Goonj:

    They have certain criteria which you can do and don'ts in mind when you are donating anything to maintain the dignity of those who do not have. You can find Goons center across Mumbai and more so drop your required box there. Save your household goods with the help of  Packers and Movers Mumbai to Kolkata  transit insurance.


    3. Sneha Sadan:

    This is a home for homeless children, regardless of caste and creed, provide shelter to homeless waifs, orphans, delinquent and destitute; it is situated in the Andheri east. To bring smile to the face of these children you can donate some books, toys or anything you want to.




    4. Wishing Well:

    It is good option for donating your old clothes you just have to send mail to their website. If you leave between Jogeshwari and Colaba then they will come to your home and collect it, so they mail you official receipts. If you are hiring Packers and movers Mumbai moving and packing services.


    5. Doorstep India:

    This site does the work of local NGOs near your locality. You have to go to your website, pick the Ngo from  Packers and Movers Mumbai to Chennai  the list and schedule a pick-up so you can check this out.


    6. Shanti Avedna Cancer Hospice:

    This center takes care of terminally ill cancer patients who always need care, support and love at their last stage. They accept clothes, food and medicines, as you know it's a care center. When you  #Movers And #Packers #Mumbai  are sending your cloths, you can not write any notes, or anything that can touch their heart.


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