The best thing about RS3 compared to old school is the run ener

  • Firstly, people say it is "EasyScape" in that you can train most skills faster on RuneScape 3 than you can on osrs, this i would say is true for the most part, however, its end goals are for most people not the same, Old School RuneScape is to maybe max and do intensive pk'ing but RuneScape 3 is to get 120s (104m-ish xp) in skills/200m's and intensive Player vs Monster.

    MTX is not as bad as people think it is in RuneScape 3, most people go for 120's and 200m's compared to 99's in osrs, so to get 200m in everything it would cost you roughly £200k and you would have to wait for specific promotions that happen 2-3 times a year so still would take you maybe 15 (give or take) years of waiting for them, this also is just for xp and has 0 impact on weather you can kill the bosses, which is arguably the goal of playing this style of game.

    There is also an aspect of MTX where in game gp is concerned in that you can buy bonds to sell for around £30-£40ish to be able to afford 1 weapon that is good and so to buy bonds to sell for gp to get all good gear for all good bosses you would be spending in the thousands again and still need to have the levels to use it all and even that doesnt guarantee that you can kill the bosses.

    Lastly, where bonds are concerned, they also allow people to play in full membership for free if you work for it in game, which is a positive thing. They are extremely different games that have different "Runescape Gold" goals and different play styles, the only shared thing is that they have the same name and a shared fan base so please try not to compare.