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    Russell, now 49, is the owner of Underground Art, a 25 year old tattoo studio in Cooper Young. She says she's been trying for decades to get Nichols to take accountability for what he allegedly did. Her claim is backed by a high school classmate who remembers hearing the story from Russell in the 1980s, and by other friends who say Russell told them about it in the 1990s..

    Gorczynski, 20, has autism and loves to run. This summer, his family's court case against a state education regulation that banned him from competing because of his age attracted wide attention. Hundreds of people including his Orchard Park teammates and runners from other schools signed an online petition objecting to the law, and in August, State Supreme Court Justice John L.

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    He was the most impressive offensive player in minicamp and truly looks ready to breakout. His numbers and targets will be limited as long as Ertz is around, but he's going to see the field quite a bit in Year 2 and by the end of the season, it would be surprising if he wasn't being talked about as one of the NFL's 10 best tight ends. At minimum, he should be a bonafide red zone weapon for Carson Wentz, and it wouldn't be surprising at all if he bested his four touchdown total from a year ago much earlier in the season..

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