Path of Exile 4.0.0 Preview At Exilecon

  • The Path of Exile is one of the greatest works of the action RPG game, and he is a free game, and has been moving steadily since October 2013. At the same time, there have been no signs of stopping or even slowing down. Since the fiasco of the Diablo 3 real money market led to the failure of the release, These large numbers of users lost from Diablo 3 are all absorbed by the Path of Exile.

    The Path of Exile regained the fallen market and has been suppressing it since then.

    Every year, different "seasons" bring new game mechanics into the path of exile, introducing new dungeons, core game mechanics, loot (POE Currency, POE Orbs)and monsters, and then the developer Grinding Gear Games observes what people do and dislike. If the characteristics of the season go well, they will usually be added to the core of the game, making the range astounding in terms of risk and reasonable character building.

    The spoils continued to pile up, and the new season's mechanics were added to the loot pile, making most of the dungeon waltz a veritable spoils supermarket.

    As Grinding Gear Games continues to increase the use of new content, And recently updated the new season: Blight, which has once again sounded the bell of action, Many players have returned to World of Warcraft Classics this year. ExileCon has the hope of peek behind it. Look again at the upcoming 3.9.0 season and the expected of 4.0.0.

    In the past, ExileCon has been an opportunity for exiles to gather together and celebrate the history of the game so far and the content that will be prepared for users in the future. The upcoming 3.9 season is expected to bring a lot of new content to the players, and gamers are expected to expect Grinding Gear Games to continue to improve and have multiple iterations between the 3.9.0 update and the 4.0.0 update in December 2020. On the official website of the Path of Exile, you can purchase ExileCon tickets and view more related information. Follow us and you can Buy Exalted Orb at a low price and get the latest information on The Path of Exile.