Necromancer Becomes The Most Popular Class of Path of Exile

  • Path of Exile (PoE) is currently "dominated" by necromancers. Most players choose this class, but this has consequences for the servers.

    Which class do most POE fans currently play? Statistics show that most players in the action role-playing game Path of Exile for the Blight league bet on the necromancer. This is not so unusual in and of itself, as certain classes and builds simply work better in some leagues.

    The Necromancer, however, shows a peculiarity. He is also preferred from level 70, in Hardcore mode, on the PS4, and the Xbox One. Almost half even play a necro here! Normally, however, the choice of class varies slightly depending on the level and platform.

    Power leads to problems

    Why is the necromancer so popular? The necromancer recently received a major overhaul after the Blight update, making them much stronger than before. The many incantations make the necromancer an almost invincible hero. Players race through the levels with an army of summoned, undead creatures and flatten everything away. If you are also planning to start experimenting with Necromancer, you can Buy POE Exalted Orb for a quick upgrade and recommend your trusted store, I have been trading through them.

    What is the problem? The more creatures summoned, the more it affects the performance of the game. Is that such a big problem? While it's a game performance issue, PoE fans love the necromancer for the most part. He just feels extremely powerful and relevant. Quite different than before, when the Nekro was the worst in popular classes.

    It feels a bit strange that so many in Path of Exile are suddenly playing the necromancer, and that's gone through the bank. The fact that he is still so powerful and makes the servers glow also looks funny. Maybe it will soon be Nerfs. That's why you might not get used to your powerful necromancer too much. Follow, get the latest  Path of Exile news, Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs.