Introduction To China Glue Gun

  • Glass China glue gun is a sealing and caulking tool for 310ml plastic bottled hard rubber - glass glue. Widely used in building decoration, electronic appliances, automobiles and their components, ships and containers.
    Glass glue guns can be divided into manual glue guns, pneumatic glue guns, and electric glue guns. The package can be divided into single and double components. When using, first press the back end buckle with your thumb, pull the steel wire with the hook hook back, try to pull it in place, first put the glass glue head (with the mouth), so that the front part of the glue mouth is exposed, then Put the whole rubber plug in, relax the thumb part, and squeeze it. Reasons for the slow glue speed of the glass glue gun and the solution How to use the sealant gun: 1 The glue gun is not easy to use, can not be squeezed, then you can choose to use a glue gun. How to use the sealant gun: 2. The hand is not enough, the force is not in place, of course, the solution is to increase the hand strength and increase the intensity. How to use the sealant gun: 3. The nozzle opening is too small, so it is enough to cut the opening of the nozzle.